Rush & Command – Press kit

Solo indie game developer Voxelbite is proud to announce Rush & Command, a voxel style classic multiplayer real time strategy game, that will intrigue both highly tactical as well as make-everything-up-as-you-go RTS players. The game is set in an alternate world where units and armies dating back from the 1960-1980 are enriched with high-tech current technologies and knowledge. Rush & Command will be available on Early Access via STEAM from Q4 2020.

Game trailer

Inspired by childhood games that defined the RTS genre, the developer of Rush & Command aims to combine that real nostalgic tactical RTS feeling with unique and innovative new mechanics and ways to conquer enemies on the battlefield.

Players can conquer the battlefield by growing a base and an army. For instance, by gathering resources to build a radar tower, barracks, high-tech laboratories or even an airfield. Players can assemble an army out of a variety of ground units, tanks, planes and more. They can choose whether they want to aim for quantity or quality, as units can be promoted and even upgraded using 3D-printers based on the needs in battle.

The initial early access release on STEAM will include both multiplayer PvP as well as multiplayer AI matches with initially 4 players, and a skirmish game mode. The game will also include several campaign levels and a variety of playable teams. Gameplay is enhanced with features such as super weapons and unit promotion and upgrade systems.

Rush & Command is available to wishlist on STEAM™

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